Welcome to the website of the jazzdepartment!

This site stores a huge amount of information on your study. The hierarchy is kept as flat as possible, so that you'll find your destination within two or three mouseclicks. Spend a few minutes to become familiar with it's structure. Each main group of subjects has it's own color, which improves recognition. You can always bookmark pages you use most.

Not everything is filled in yet, since the idea is that students and teachers build up this database of knowledge together. So if you read an interesting article, transcribed a great solo or digged deep into changes in a way that askes for sharing with your fellow students, please get into contact so we can discuss how and where we place it.

By clicking on the buttons on the lower left side a submenu appears in the corresponding color:

Managing Music contains everything that involves organisation within the school: concert dates, the system of study points ("studiepunten"), project scheduling, etc.

Understanding Music contains everything related to group-lessons like ATV, AML and Ear Training. These are mainly placed in OOPS (www.hku.nl/oops), navigation has become a little easier with this site.

Playing Music is the section with everything that you can use directly for your playing. Many tips, examples and exercises. These pages are a powerful support for improving your skills in a systematic way.

Teaching Music are the pages related to Methodology, or if you like "learning to teach". Do not underestimate the importance of teaching skills. Not only can you make a living out of it, it strangly also improves your own playing.

Recording Music contains information about music and computers. Tips, manuals, downloads, articles, etc. Learning to work with computers demands a time investment, but it certainly pays off. It's easy to generate accompaniment, creating voiceleadings and arrangements demands less pianistic abilities, charts look great, and - last but not least - recordings are the best feedback method to reveal things that need improvement.

Translating every page is a lot of work. We'll do our best to offer each important page in english, but since this site is still young you have to be a little patient. If you're very curious, or if the teacher asks you to check out certain untranslated pages, please ask a dutch fellow student to give some additional explanation. Or learn dutch :-)